Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What To Bring For Notarizations

You will need to bring two pieces of ID, one piece being an up to date government photo ID which includes your name, current address, and signature. The second piece does not need a photo, but must include your name and signature. It is important that the names on your identification and documents match.

Q: What Is A Notarization

The Notarization of a document usually happens in one of two ways. The Notary, a legal neutral third party, is either witnessing the signature of a document, or making a certified a copy of the original document.

Q: What Is A Representation Agreement

A Representation Agreement entails appointing one, or multiple representatives, to make decisions on someone's behalf in the event the individual is unable to communicate for themselves.

Q: What Are Your Service Pricings

The pricing on services will vary. If you have a question about the cost of a service, please contact us and provide some information about what you need done. We will explain how we can help and give you an estimate.

Have Further Questions?

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